Commitment n°1

A long-term project to preserve a singular artistic and historical heritage.

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© JOSEF KOUDELKA/Magnum Photos
Prague. August 1968.
Invasion by Warsaw Pact troops in front of the Radio headquarters.

Commitment n°2

Bring together a visionary world-class photographic collection - the archives of the Magnum Photos photographers’ cooperative.

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© Ferdinando Scianna/Magnum Photos
Budapest. 1990
Dismantled statue of Stalin

Commitment n°3

Pass on and make accessible this exceptional photographic archive available to future generations.

> Our Goals

© Alessandra Sanguinetti/Magnum Photos
Buenos Aires. 1999
The Necklace

Commitment n°4

Share the heritage and values of the collection with a wider public audience.

> Our Goals

© Abbas/Magnum Photos
Near Kabul. 1992.
A Mujahid of the Hezbi-Islami

Project La Fondation Magnum

La Fondation Magnum aims to sustain, disseminate and pass on an historic visual heritage to future generations and the wider general public through preservation, protection and the promotion of photographic works. The project is fully supported by the Magnum Photos Endowment Fund.

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Magnum nudes

65 Photographers, 65 Years, 65 Impressions – all proceeds from the sale of this portfolio will go towards establishing La Fondation Magnum.


Conference: “Photography: A Medium for Communication”

A discussion between Guy Le Querrec, the author of a portfolio donated to the Magnum Endowment Fund, and Clara Bouveresse, PhD, from Panthéon University about the history of Magnum Photos.

Our Initiatives

Flagship projects related to the future foundation’s programme

Exhibition Prints

© Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos


Exhibition Prints

Through partnerships, La Fondation Magnum intends to make a series of Magnum photographs available in places with little access to exhibitions.

Meet a Photographer

© David Alan Harvey/Magnum Photos


Meet a Photographer

In accordance with its educational mission, La Fondation Magnum will allow photographers to present their portfolios and contribute to the collection on an ongoing basis.

One Photo, One Photographer, One Story

© David Seymour/Magnum Photos


One Photo, One Photographer, One Story

La Fondation Magnum will bring the Magnum archives to life by letting the photographers themselves speak about the historical context of a photograph and how they approached the shot.

Preservation and Research

© Thomas Hoepker/Magnum Photos


Preservation and Research

Organise and make an inventory of the collection, then establish a link between the collection and researchers, making the archive accessible and open for new interpretations.